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Pizza, with a twist! A modern pizza and sandwich shop with delivery, carry out or stop in for a quick bite. Original recipes and crazy combinations!

Finally found a local pizza place I will go back to in this area :) We ordered carry out and everything about my experience was great! My order was ready exactly when they said it would be, the inside of the business was the cleanest and nicest carryout/delivery place I've been to and the manager was wonderful! He even gave me a free drink!! Got home and finally got to dig into the pizza and it was delicious! Crust was great too :) We got just plain breadsticks which were good but I think we may try cheese sticks next time."

Liann 11/2016

Tried the chicken parm sub it was delicious service and staff are excellent. I will definitely come back and recommend this to my friends and family. Also in a great location with a nice clean space for eating in or taking out/ delivery

Jordan M. 07/2017

In DC area for a week, and ate here twice. Yummy pizza for a fair price. You could tell the owner cared about good food and friendly service. Ordered carryout, but was impressed by the trendy and detailed decor when we picked up pizza. I know this is a food place, but this was another indication of pride and care of reputation and detail. The kids asked to eat here almost every night of our stay.

Far better than those pizza chain places and I doubt any of the local pizza place can beat Urban Pie.

Rick 06/2017

Been feeling kinda bored with Woodbridge grub lately, so I was on here looking for something new to try for dinner tonight. Urban Pie jumped out at me, and I decided on a whim to give it a go. I'm so glad I did, because this place is great! How I didn't know about it until now, I have no idea. Especially because it's Italian--my favorite. I know about ALL of the Italian businesses around here, but UP snuck by me somehow lol. :p

I got a pepperoni pizza, with extra cheese and sauce. My order turned out exactly as I wanted, and was super tasty! Reasonable price. Meant to get a piece of chocolate cake to try as well, but I forgot. Now I have an excuse to go back muwahaha ;) Cute interior & exterior, clean. Friendly staff. The only thing I want to say is to definitely advertise more! The pizza is too tasty to be hidden like this :D Yum. Will be back!

Brandi 06/2017

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We are passionate about the food and providing unforgettable taste to our customers. Our promise to all our customers is to offer the very best quality Pizza that meets your expectations.

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